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This is Touhou.pl - a Touhou fansite. This website is in polish, but you can find some useful information about the Spell Cards here. You can also listen to song samples from our album reviews and the original Touhou games (samples are 30 second 128kbps mp3 crossfades, for promotional use). We also have the biggest collection of Flash games and animations - and that collection is still growing! Our Download section is one of the biggestones around. Tons of patches, mini games and miscellaneous files are available for download. We also have over 1200 wallpapers sorted by character name. Last but not least - we have the Score Boards. Maybe you would like to submit your score?

Below you can find the translated version of our menu.

Menu Główne - Main Menu

Strona Główna - Main Site - Index page with the news.
Download - Download - Divided into categories: Mini Freeware Games, Patches, Remixes, Miscellaneous, Mods and Translation Patches.
Tapety - Wallpapers - Lots of wallpapers in different resolutions, grouped by characters.
Co to jest Touhou? - What is Touhou? - This place explains what exactly Touhou is.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - And anwers.
Postacie - Characters - Informations about the characters.
Dialogi - Scripts - Polish translated game scripts.
Doujiny - Doujins - Polish translated doujins. Translations: Loli-Hunter Translation Team.
Artykuły - Articles - Reviews, solutions, other articles.
Teksty Piosenek - Lyrics - Simply, lyrics from Touhou remixes.
Flashe - Flash Animations - Divded into categories: Games, Animations and Walfas.
Replaye - Replays - Awesome or skillful replays: No movement, non vertical, timeout runs.
Tabele Wyników - Scoreboards - As the title says - there are also english version available.
IRC - IRC - IRC script for our channel.
Współpraca - Partnership - If you want to exchange banners with us.
Youkai D-Vision - Youkai D-Vision - Site staff and contact information.
Archiwum Newsów - News Archive - Old news.
English Help - You are here ^_^.
Administracja - Administranion - Here you can write news - but remember. News are moderated.

Games sections:

Opis - Reviews, key config, system requirements for games.
Spell Karty - Spell Cards - With screenshots, details and descriptions.
Strategia - Strategy - Full FAQ how to beat a game with good score, etc.
Muzyka - Music - Muisc descriptions, music samples avaible for download.
Screeny - Screenshots - The title says it all.
Patch PL - Polish Translation - The title says it all.

For whole site translation you can use Google Translate. Translations will not be perfect, but thanks to this you will be able to get more information from site. Enjoy!